Who suffers the most? ... the children.

The primary organizing theme of lifestyle is the determinant of local social infrastructure.

Daily Living Principle: Commit first to immediate surroundings and the people there.
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Who suffers the most? ... the children.

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Man"kind"'s greatest sin is our blind arrogance.
Who suffers the most? ... the children.

sail bashir poem:
Some domsday will come
what will ALLAH ask more than
the discrimination made among human
were deprived by advaced minds
to fech more matterial and money
from underpriviledged and poor
to cost their highfi city life
The richs take wines in glass pags
and poor quenches thyrist by sping
The pluted footwear
and that too by the hands of dear one
the father
a human kept worst than an animal.
Sail bashir

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Re: Who suffers the most? ... the children.

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Wow! great image and appeal for decency. How does a culture treat its children? Dominant culture dominates its children rather than nurture them. The capitalists kids get the cake and the others kids get the crumbs? Cake too? Communitarian ethics spreads the wealth of the community around a bit more right? I think we want to build a body politic that insists we resource more folks. We might consider getting folks from 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 before we consider getting folks from 5-6. 6-7, 7-8 and certainly before anyone gets to 9 or 10 right?

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