Religious influence in society

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Religious influence in society

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Some would say that religion has a diminishing role in society due to the prevalence of modern science. Others express concern that religion plays too large a part in the control of our hearts and minds. Is there a positive role for religion? I would say these questions are parcel of a culture that doesn't recognize the positive role of religion.

The trouble with present religion is that it has created a lot of trauma for people, and when we are not within the religious culture in a spiritual way, the religion appears to take on an evil appearance. I can only identify this problem within our "Western society" which I would identify in the following way:

1. It does include Europe, Arabic and Semitic nations and the colonial governments like America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and so on.

2. It does not include the Indigenous populations of all the continents and islands of the world.

3. It is separate from the Asia of Tibet, China, Korea, Japan and southeast Asian nations and so forth, though the "West" and "East" may converge in India and somewhat in the business aspects of Asia.


Within the "West" defined above, "we" are (imperial culture around us and pressuring us is) divided into a few major "deliverance" religions that are all vying for power, though it's not really clear to me how these deliverance religions can separate themselves from a nasty habit of colonialism.

1. There is Sciencism, which uses Eurocentric science like a bludgeon against the imagined evil of primitive, backwards (sometimes non-White) ignorance. It looks down on all cultures that have not adopted its belief system, which is that of a linear history of advancing technological redemption from low animal weakness. It insists on materialist Statist thought that comes from the belief that it has compared all "available" options from the supremacist deliverance religions and declared itself to be doing the most good while doing the "unavoidable" task of genocide, land clearing and casual dumping of toxic waste into populations it wishes to characterize as obsolete (or perhaps in need of saving). Mainly, it seems to achieve "the most good" or "the least evil" by only insulting, belittling, demoralizing, disrespecting and oppressing those who have strong reservations about it; rather than outright killing them they offer the challenge: come up with something better. However, the militants of this Sciencism do not actually seem to mind doing totally evil things to those they wish to convert. This minority is completely out of control and does kill, slaughter, oppress, enslave and run drug programs around the world and tells its population that if it doesn't do it, somebody else would and therefore no attempts should be made to stop it.

2. There is Islam, which is a growing religious force that also replaces the need for Statism and western exploitative banking. Despite its huge size it seems to maintain a lot of adherents that are peaceful and loving of simple good living. However, there is also a corruption running through it involving slavery, sex trafficking, spousal abuse, corruption and other problems of Statism that Islam alone cannot admonish enough to be rid of it. It has been pitted against Sciencism in recent years by propaganda from Sciencist, Christian, Jewish and Islamophobic deliverance religions who see it as a threat to secular democracy.

3. There is Christianity, and its many many diverse branches, all of which agree on the core importance of Jesus Christ and His role in saving humanity from evil. Its "deliverance" aspect can be in the form of doing good deeds to improve life on Earth all the way through murdering in the name of Jesus because it's God's incomprehensible plan. This too is a mostly peaceful religion that is plagued by pedophilia, child abuse, slavery and hypocrisy. It seems to be in a state of trying and failing to extricate itself from Sciencism. Its adherents can be members of the Catholic church or another Orthodoxy that respects the authority of the Pope, or they can be members that believe in a direct connection to God through transcendent living. It seems loyal to Sciencism in the sense that a lack of a secular State to keep it in check is a bane of its past and its trauma in Europe. It is also considered an ancient nemesis of Judaism and Islam due in particular to the Crusades starting in the year 1000 that eventually joined with Sciencism in its quest to eliminate, convert and subjugate unbelievers with pure terrorism, slaughter and destruction of Indigenous populations around the world. It is possibly, besides Sciencism, the most dangerous and dramatically violent deliverance religion known to humankind due to its sheer scope and size and the technological power of its allies.

4. There is a Judaism and Judaic-based kabbalistic religion that believes in the single true God Yashewe. It seems to have fewer adherents than Islam or Christianity but a lot of adherents that are peaceful. Particularly, it would seem the Paganistic and Shamanistic qualities of Judaism allow for an almost "Eastern" transcendent view of the world focusing specifically on acceptance of diversity and the liberation of woman from social bondage. However, it also has the duplicitous practice of running paranoid micromanaging organizations like the Antidefamation League throughout the Western world, which constantly work to improve the image of Judaism by oppressing others and largely tarnishing their own image in the process. This leads to "antisemitism" feelings, which are also exploited by radicals to promote isolationism and vanity and in its own population. Furthermore, despite its relatively small population it is plagued by the same sexual abuse, political corruption and haughty attitude towards outsiders as its larger cousin religions. It also appears to ally with Christianity by supporting aspects of the radical extremist Sciencists that work to belittle the cultural value of others, particularly Islam.

5. Masons and Freemasonic lodges are a secretive organization, which claims to work for good because good must work within the background of society rather than overtly. It seems to have the religious belief that Jews, Christians and Muslims all share the same one God and that brotherhood above all will help to conquer the evils of society like prejudice against diversity. However, it also seems to have a huge number of members that are just Sciencists who don't mind riding the wave of duplicitous actions of empire and who celebrate the achievements of Sciencism when it conquers and attacks others. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though their core tenant is true; it seems that being secretive allows the admittance of psychopaths to the organization, and so it will be plagued by the same evils as the other religions.

6. There is an unnamed religion or religious aspect that some have tried to call "Islamophobia" but which does not fully expand into the depth of its religious significance. The belief in "evil Arabs" is a deliverance religion akin to the worship of a vengeful Jesus, who will smite the traitors of the one true Lord God and Savior. It is also important for adherents to identify whether people are Socialist, because that is a sign they may be out to destroy Sciencism and further confirmation that Islam is the source of evil within the Western hemisphere, if not the entire world (since Sciencists believe they should be running the world or at least monitoring the whole thing to put a stop to anti-Science or anti-Christian or anti-Jewish plots).

7. There is an unnamed religion or religious aspect that some have tried to call "antisemitism" but which does not fully expand into the depth of its religious significance. The belief in "evil Jews" is a deliverance religion akin to the worship of a vengeful Jesus, who will smite the traitors of the one true Lord God and Savior or else save and purify Sciencism or rescue the world from Sciencism if Jews can be purged. It cannot always agree on what defines a Jew except that it is a circular belief that Jews are evil and generally the main problem with Sciencism or the world at large. To adherents, it is kind of like Sciencism's "Satan" or the World's "Satan" but adherents who disagree on the goal can still agree that a Jewish purge should happen to probably solve both problems. However, this belief can also be held by anti-Statist Muslims who have been traumatized by Israel into thinking all Jews are bad. So if someone embodies certain heinous traits adherents think it is acceptable and not at all rude to use the word Jew as an insult or curse word. It is also important for adherents to identify whether people around them have in their ancestry anyone who had a Jewish belief, a Jewish custom or was blood related to someone who did. There seems to also be a sub sect that swaps the word Jew for Zionist, but which does not actually distinguish the critical differences between a general Jew and a religiously or politically fanatical Zionist. This belief naturally connects to the unknowns of Masonry and suggests that all secret religions are controlled by Jews.

8. There is an unnamed religion or religious aspect that is characterized by a belief in evil Jesuits. It seems to believe that the Pope is the central evil of Christianity and he works for his own evil masters, such as Satan. These people cite his collection of treasures as proof of his evil and say that he deliberately protects the worst most corrupt aspects of the Catholic organization, including the child pedophilic abuse rampant in Catholic churches around the world. This belief is connected to Masonry and suggests that all secret religions are controlled by Jesuits.


Besides all of these, there is an unnamed religion or religious aspect that seems to say all secret organizations are controlled by "the Illuminati", descendants of rich land-owning families who gained land through bloodshed and war and who now wage war on the rest of the world by running people's beliefs against one another. Perhaps, it is suggested, this group even controls all of the organizations mentioned above. Sometimes these assertions are made in connection with space alien beings. However, this seems to be a minor population that is looking for deliverance through social interaction, social media and technology, and they do not seem to have much need to proselytize outside of YouTube channels since they are either deemed:

A) Insane


B) Incapable of defeating the vying religious groups above that the power hungry have been herded into leading


So now, enter the Eastern world, all the Indigenous populations that through skill and good fortune have risen, survived and thrived "against the odds", and all the Shamanistic and Animist and Pagan religions that exist on the sidelines of these vying groups, and I do believe we have hope of escaping the trap, whether we made it for ourselves or not. Look also at the good organizations and efforts made by Abrahamic organizations and note those individuals within them who have used the social influence for good community and health and medicine.

I think we must infuse our beliefs with good spirit and divest ourselves of those beliefs whose core tenants are poised upon humanity's deliverance through outrage and intolerance of another. I am not sure Imperial Colonialist Statism, Sciencism or the anti-ism groups (anti-Islam, anti-Jew, anti-Jesuit, etc.) can be "rescued" and maybe we can just let them fade away by bringing good spirit to the strong world religions.

The corruption within them must be addressed, but it won't work by attacking the religions as wholes, especially when they are sources of good community for millions upon millions of people doing the best they can to prevent evils.

I also wonder if the antiseptic Statist Sciencism could look into its own soul and wonder at its own Indigenousness it has buried and suppressed. There are many seeds of different cultures rolled up into the globalist "one world" order that may again blossom and grow. Perhaps, like some plants, this blossoming can do good medicine on the New World Order and transform it from pure shit into great fertilizer.

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