Henrietta Mann on Spiritual Healing at the time of a pandemic

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Henrietta Mann on Spiritual Healing at the time of a pandemic

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Dr. Henrietta Mann with Dr. Corey Still here:


I'm not sure how this will be experienced. I found this to be a wonderful conversation and wanted to share this into this forum. "When talking to the Great Spirit know that we are always heard...revere all that is..."

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Re: Henrietta Mann on Spiritual Healing at the time of a pandemic

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It is interesting to hear about someone very traditional talking about prayers and ceremonies as well as dissertations at the same time.

I am not sure people who practice traditional ways always "change the system from within". I think sometimes they just go within and get absorbed by the system and it colonizes them. In this case, it is hard to say what's happening to this wonderful sounding Doctor Mann but maybe some mixture of the two. Maybe she is walking a very fine line to be in both traditional and "Easterner" worlds.

The over all message of having hope is great! One hope I have is that those who go through the "colonization of minds" that occurs in many schools will embody the resiliency they discussed, and it "wins out" and they don't end up accidentally spreading "the wrong message" that goes against their own goals. For example, promoting mask wearing that causes more bacterial pneumonia than it prevents. But she seemed to stress everyone must make their own decisions and protect community in their own way and there is clearly traditional strategy in her message to stop "White people" diseases from claiming too many lives. So I think she represents a good message that many will enjoy hearing and benefit from hearing.

I love the idea of praying for many future generations, and I will incorporate that!

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