The culture of fake deaths, mock funerals and keeping the media away

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The culture of fake deaths, mock funerals and keeping the media away

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According to the research of Michael Christopher as outlined in the Coast to Coast AM episode on July 9th of this year, there are a few curious facts surrounding the apparent death of Jim Morrison. I have wanted to know about this since McGowan's research into the peculiarly military oriented Laurel Canyon scene of the 60s and 70s.

Michael suggested it is odd for a 27 year old to be planning for his death, although he did say he wanted to be buried in the poet's corner of some particular graveyard. However, he opines it was an off handed remark and would not necessarily lend itself to his wish getting granted after a sudden death.

Another curiosity is that when the Doors' manager called her about Jim being dead, his girlfriend (common law wife) told the manager to go away because Jim was sleeping and he was fine. But when he pressed her, she finally said that he was dead. And it's odd that she was trying to hide it from the manager for a couple days. Michael doesn't think she was thinking clearly because she was high on drugs as well, but it was odd that his parents didn't find out until a week later but authorities said they couldn't get the body because Jim was already buried. It's possible that she was responsible for giving a hot dose of heroin because she didn't want him to leave her and she wanted to be taken care of by his estate.

Maybe it took six days to pay off or convince enough people to get him buried in that cemetery of "greats". Or maybe to do the same for a casket with some sand in it. This is interesting to me because Morrison, like Frank Zappa and others, had fathers intimately tied to the military manufacturers/profiteers of the era. What connections the Admiral Morrison Sr. could not use despite their apparent importance is of interest. Though McGowan suggests the Doors are pushed or even partially manufactured because of some such connections.

According to Wikipedia about "the 27 club" :
The deaths of several 27-year-old popular musicians between 1969 and 1971 led to the belief that deaths are more common at this age. Statistical studies have failed to find any unusual pattern of musician deaths at this age, comparing it to equally small increases at ages 25 and 32, with a 2011 BMJ study noting instead that young adult musicians have a higher death rate than the rest of the young adult population, concluding: "Fame may increase the risk of death among musicians, but this risk is not limited to age 27".
It could actually be a spiritual phenomenon, with the age of 21 and 27 and other ages being among some group of "sacred numbers" that souls use to make decisions about their incarnations on Earth, prior to being born. However, perhaps the age of 27 is merely related to an occult practice of some secretive spiritual types, and suggests the death is fake. It's safer to assume that it was just an arbitrary age of death.

He was known to be abusing drugs, to have fallen and injured himself, to be coughing up blood and a number of other health issues that could have led to an early demise in that bathtub. The official story is that he was found in the tub with a bit of blood under his nose, his girlfriend/wife thought he was joking, but he didn't respond. It was chalked up to general heart failure but no autopsy was performed. They apparently packed him in ice, wrapped him in plastic and left him in the tub for two days. Only a few people apparently claim to have seen the actual body being treated and transported from the hotel, including Pamela the girlfriend, the manager Danny Sugerman and the coroner. Decades of various researches and investigations, have turned up no other people claiming to see the body, not even a paramedic.

Jim Morrison apparently didn't just talk to friends about wishing to leave the "rock and roll" celebrity life behind but even had specific ways of faking his death. He said he would like to do it, and he said after he did it he would reach out to his friends under the secret name Mister Mojo Rising, as referenced in his song L.A. Woman. (In fact, Mr. Mojo Risin' is an anagram of Jim Morrison.)

Apparently, he was reportedly seen boarding a plane at Orly Airport in Paris after the supposed death. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek has said that if anyone could pull off such a disappearance by going to Africa to live a poetic life in obscurity, it would be Jim.

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