One story of how online narratives are controlled with software by "Homeland Security"

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One story of how online narratives are controlled with software by "Homeland Security"

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Posted on Reddit by u/KellyCOffield July 13th 2022: ... _fcked_up/
I f*cked up.

18 months ago, I found the 2 software programs that censor and "shadowban" (complex censorship). I also found the software program that tampers with ad feeds and search results, placing state (what many perceive as "left-wing") propaganda in front of people on Bing, Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and about a dozen others.

So far, none of this is a conspiracy theory. All of my work is published, and the base of those programs is (or was at the time) open-sourced. Also, I have the intel and research reports from the developers themselves.

Censorship software - check.

Propaganda software - check.

I also found non-software approaches that do the same things, often under the umbrella term, CounterSpeech Initiatives.

All along the way, I kept track of the developers of the software/techniques, the hosts of the software/techniques, the proselytizers that show up in the "ad" or "search" results, the narratives used to justify these measures, and those that fund it all.

How I Messed It All Up
I screwed it all up from Day 1.

See, I had no social media prior to February of 2021. I had even gone 7 years without a cell phone. There is a reason that I moved to Alaska after leaving the Marines. I am a damn recluse.

I had to start my social media following from scratch, and what did I do from Day 1?

I attacked the most well-connected (but strategically obscure) think tanks on the planet -- the organizations that receive direct funding from the DHS, that created the programs and techniques that control information online, and that are the origin of the "extremism", "racism", and "terrorism" myths (which I have rigorously debunked).

Simply put, the organizations that have special privileges to the dominant platforms are the organizations that I was attacking; so it's no wonder that I never gained traction on my pages. Even my terrible marketing skills can't account for how poorly my content has done. For instance, consider the peculiar growth of The Daily Wire.

The DW is worth a hell of a lot. In the beginning, there were entire months where 90% of their content was about censorship. Essentially, they experienced enormous growth by talking about censorship, yet they never actually found the programs or techniques. They merely found specific instances of it occurring and even that was partially speculative. They grew though.

It could be that, while they were likely censored: (1) they were large enough in the beginning that they weren't completely censored, and (2) they knew nothing about the actual organizations involved so there was not as great of an incentive to censor them.

Basically, I should have been more tactful.

I may not have a following, but I have a complete description of the following:

How Information is Controlled
Stop unwanted content/users

Force wanted content on users

Justify that control

and where it all originates from (state intervention in the markets)

A Final Note:
Extremism, racism, and terrorism in North America are all insignificant. If you disagree, I would love to debate you. If you disagree but can't manage to be civil, I'm just going to block you. I'm not a random shit-poster. My time is valuable, and I can't afford to waste it going back and forth with the passionate-low-IQ crowd.
User soothysayer asks:
What language are these programs you have found written in? Assume they each have a github as they are open source, could you post the links?
Original poster's reply:
Python. The program names are as follows:

Perspective API
Moderator (a companion program to Perspective API)
Redirect Method

Their codes can sometimes be found on Github and sometimes can't. Moderator cannot be found on it anymore, I believe.

Also, it should be pointed out that leftwing think tanks that use this software obviously have to build onto them extensively to make them compatible for their specific uses and hosts.
dannychillone asks:
Thank you for post! I appreciate that you are giving us some insight! Do you believe intelligence agencies like the CIA, do have something to do with it?!

OP KellyCOffield replies:
The Department of Homeland Security is the reason this problem exists.
[https://advocate-for-rights-and-knowled ... ervention/]

The greatest weakness of the general public is economic ignorance. Had we all grown up learning actual economics (Austrian economics: Mises, Rothbard, Hayak), we would have realized that this kind of behavior from the tech platforms was not due to free exchange.

The DHS created a market for information control in 2016 when it promised $1 billion in grants to anyone willing/able to control information online (as long as it was in the DHS's interests, of course).

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