The Root of All Human Wellness

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The Root of All Human Wellness

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Lately I have been reading about various claims about the root of all human wellness. I'd like to start this topic in an attempt to explore how we can all become healthy.

What is a human?
First of all, I want to preface this by saying we must understand what a human is before we can define whether it's working properly. And that is a question for another topic, perhaps. So we'll leave it open ended here. But I think it's important to understand two or three critical elements.

1. THE HUMAN SUIT (the body — or bodies in the case of conjoinment — that we maintain while alive)
This is the one that we can mostly all agree on, no matter our faith, doubt or lack thereof. Science will purport the other components don't exist or don't matter except as, at best, perhaps, some consequence. And we all agree the body doesn't exist in a vacuum. It is linked to Earth, the larger body (or organism). There are a number of beings we interact with to maintain ourselves while here, and indeed we are comprised of individual components working ideally in harmony.

2. THE SPIRIT (the true nature of the personality that runs the suit)
This is critically important in a number of definitions of wellness, but I will not focus on this in the initial posts, because I'd like to focus on a large range of steps towards health, including the mundane and pragmatic.

3. Outer spirits
This would be important in cases where we assume some kind of outer influence that doesn't inhabit the body full time. We might consider people possessed to have outer spirit influences, but I think we should equally look at the relationship our spirits have to Guardian energy beings (Angels) and ancestors who can briefly influence us for our benefit.

I'd like to address these in reverse order, because as we get more "grounded" (moving from a network of spirits, to our own personal spirit, and finally to our meat suit), we have a lot more supposed tools at our disposal.

3. Disease as Spiritual Encounter

I don't know much about this, but it seems that it could be a factor or even the most important factor. This is perhaps the most heartwarming or nihilistic spiritual view depending on how you look at it — that we are beholden to only outside intangible forces and we must appease them to maintain good community. Many people with sciences going way back into their oral history have the view that balance with ancestors, powerful beings and dieties are the way to maintain health for the whole community. If one person in the community becomes ill, then the entire family, tribe or even region can suffer.

Unfortunately for my people, on all sides of my family — mother, father and step-parents — we lost touch with this spiritual community long ago and we are left with other factors to contend with illness and disease. At least, the community that works for me. Many of my parents and their generation find perhaps an appropriate "outer" in the Christian teachings. There is a God, Jesus, Madonna and sometimes Holy Spirit.

Except for perhaps Western Astrology and various shaman practices that have escaped the imperial efforts to quash and colonize them, I am lost at sea by those things, although I do look at them and listen to them since they often demand attention in this very Christian culture. And I have made small slow progress in my journey to find my spiritual "clan". Although I'm most inspired when I speak with witches, spellcasters, those in touch with nature spirits and shamanic workers, my community feels like its natural state as a cozy woven bowl has been unraveled into a net just to survive centuries of attacks. Fortunately, there is also a great deal of public dialogue about ways we can personally utilize, strengthen and nurture our own spirit or soul:

2. The Spiritual Root of Disease

Some video game enthusiasts have postulated that glitches in our reality can be explained as software bugs in a simulation. That is, we can discover the rules of human health to some extent, but there will always be a random factor that some kind of alien overlords overlooked or may patch in the future.

This seems related to the deeply benevolent geometric "Machine Elves" that are seen by those who alter their consciousness with drugs like DMT, but these experiences do not outline any sinister quality to the beings, most of the time.

Collaborative Lessons at the Earth School
According to some spiritual perspectives, we come here as very large spirits stuffed into the tiny "wet suit" of the body, which constricts our being after going through a kind of "tunnel of forgetting" from a place (beyond time) of great wisdom; we inhabit the human being with a few particular life lessons in mind for our time here, which we forget on arrival (or shortly thereafter). But also a degree of chance, randomness, fortune or luck as to how it will play out will determine if we learn what we seek to learn. We must deal with discomfort as part of our lessons, and disease often has a spiritual solution — such as a particular emotion or a "letting go" of the buried factor.

In contrast to the mechanistic "Genetics" explanation, we do indeed choose our parents, and they are often partners in the Earth school that accompany us to many incarnations. Your father in one life could be your daughter, husband, aunt or slave owner in the next.

Past Life Trauma
Building off the Earth School view, George Duisman heals people through the power of tapping our energy meridians. He says that every single root of disease can be found in the history of past lives that we've collected through the hundreds and thousands of incarnations we experienced. It's like the life lessons (plus a non-random "chance" factor).

Breathwork and Meditation
Apparently, many people living well into their three-digit years have mastered relaxation and meditation, indicating that the key to health is to breathe peacefully.

Quantum Tuning
Some healers are apparently able to tune directly into the spiritual body and "reconnect" the self to the higher self without even touching their patient, thereby curing a huge variety of disease. This would seem to indicate that some level of disease is actually limited to mixed up physical energies that fail to represent our true higher selves. And when we are reminded of our true self and what it is, the physical world is forced into alignment and emanates a healthy body rather than an unhealthy one. This to me suggests a high amount of "co-creation" of the physical world by our higher selves.

Joy, Love and Forgiveness
Patch Adams of the Gesundheit Institute has spent decades teaching and practicing the art of imparting health through joy, love and hugging people. This seems to tie into the notion of "Earth School", or at least its portion that health is about particular emotions. And in this case, it would seem the root of wellness is love.

Interestingly, the Hawai'ian shamanic tradition has revealed knowledge about the sacred "Ho'oponopono" prayer, which is that its all powerful mantra means (apologies for any crude or innacurate rendering here) "I love you; Thank you; Please forgive me; I'm sorry". This has been said, according to some research, to be the only truly felt emotions you need to direct at any disease whatsoever.

Coming back to astrology for spiritual guidance, we can address the individual's chart as means of connecting to the greater picture. I am not sure if this is always the way astrology was intended to be used, since at one time I think the community was warned as a whole about the flows of cosmic energy. However, I am certain the deeply personalized horoscope is an aspect of the greater astrological tools learned by humanity over tens of thousands of years, if not longer.

At a family reunion trivia game night, I once mocked astrology's presence on a list of sciences. "That's a pseudo-science!" I protested, righteously defending the colonized mind. Today I would argue that astrology is increasingly respected as the ancient science that it is, and I would request we add a larger number of the spiritual studies mentioned above. "Science" is all in how you study and learn from the world. And there are as many ways to do that as there are inummerable beings in the world.

1. The Physical Root of Disease
Now, we get into the complicated, convoluted and entirely contradictory world of the physical body. Here be the most dragons it seems, despite the fact that between the three realms of Goddesses, spirits and physical world, we appear to know the most about the latter. So much for knowledge! Ultimately, all of us (except for rare enlightened exceptions, we might surmise) die of ignorance, in one form or another.

For the unexpected tragedies, it is ignorance of the future. For accidents, murder or becoming lost, it is ignorance of how to escape to safety. For botched medical treatments or failure to treat at all, it is the ignorance of medicine. For healthful people who decide to die when they tire of life, it is either curiosity about curing their ignorance of the other side, or a lust for total ignorance of life. The physical world seems to be telling us a story about our relationship to ignorance.

It seems to me focusing on cures and medicines that rely mostly on the physical world are ultimately the most perilous. The unexplainable cures and miracles that happen with energy, spirit, prayer or even dying and coming back to life (Near Death Experience) seem to be longer lasting and more thorough cures than anything we've cobbled together from Earthly materials.

Going back to the ignorance of medicine, let's see how we've come along in trying to cure that most pernicious of discomforts. Will it all make sense in a single Medical Theory of Everything? Maybe not, but maybe we can discover another area that we have missed through putting all the latest street knowledge together.

Adding to the mystery is the power of placebo, which could have something to do with psychology (for those primarily interested in materialist sciences), or intention (for those interested in spiritual sciences), or maybe even magic (for those who practice spells, witchcraft and shamanism). Many studies show the power of placebo. Eckhart Tolle and other positivity promoters might just credit it to the power of positive thinking.

According to almost every physician or medicinal teacher in the world, balance is critical to all forms of health. I have been told one cannot hold the poison in one hand, the antidote in the other, and drink them alternatingly without exhausting one's self.

Perhaps no medicine stresses the importance of balance more than herbalism, where "poison is in the dose."

It seems that herbalism can cure many things. When we look at the various herbalist cultures from around the world, we can see that many of them have esoteric elements. There is the astrology of herbalism, where plants are imbued with cosmic energies. There is homeopathy, where "like to like" proves helpful. For example, ingesting the walnut that looks like a brain nourishes the neural pathways of the brain.

It is interesting to note that many shamans, like the nganga of Nigeria, will be instructed by ancestors in the ways of herbs, plants and roots. Depending on the practitioner, they do not have to necessarily keep an extensive dictionary in their mind since the collective knowledge of many spirits from the other side have a better organization system at their disposal.

According to Cartesian materialist scientists, the root of disease is genetic, passed down from generation to generation, as a kind of array of weaknesses and strengths. This is determined by chance, randomness, fortune or luck as far as how consciousness experiences disease in the body, since one cannot choose their parents or species. As a result, the list of diseases are voluminous and critically important to innumerate so that each failure of the body can be corrected through specific therapies that play to our body's strengths and minimize its natural weaknesses. It's "survival of the fittest" and only the compassion of human love can hope to overcome the universe's dispassionate, cold game. Spirit is an abstract concept that is rewarded by interaction with alchemical practices, pharmaceutical drugs and vivisection surgery.

This also appears to be why manipulation of genetics is such a well-funded and encouraged point by Cartesian materialist scientists, who see us as biological robots. The philosophy seems to be that if we can "program" cells to behave a certain way then we will have "defeated" disease as if it were a malicious enemy of human compassion.

Metabolic Health
Unlike the theory of "genetic disorder", which fails under a variety of wonderful conditions where cell mitochondria spontaneously heal and reverse any malfunction, metabolic health stresses the importance of each cell of the body receiving adequate nutrition and able to release its waste. This includes glucose, oxygen, and calcium among other exchanges.

The researcher Mark Sloan, in his book The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue points the blame of diminished mitochondrial complex I-IV activity (the four basic functions) squarely on malnourishment. He says Nitric Oxide, which is found in Viagra and has killed a number of men, is basically the "aging factor" of cells and that through the careful use of Methylene Blue we might discover ways to reverse its effects, as well as most mitochondrial malfunction. Small doses of the compound recently discovered in the mid 1800s are used in surgery today. Especially combined with red light therapy, it has been shown to eliminate Alzheimers progression, reverse cancers, alleviate chronic back pain, and even restore nervous functions like sight, smell, taste and hearing.

A number of diets can be included in considerations that have to do with getting the body all the nutrients it needs to produce the twenty or so main amino acids of our cells. And the Methylene Blue function of turning our ferric iron into ferrous iron is apparently one of them.

Fruit and Meat
According to Doctor Robert Morse, he has healed all his patients with herbs and the critical diet of organic fresh sweet fruit. He says he's rebuilt people like a man who practically exploded from hitting the ground when his parachute failed to deploy. He has reversed cancers, even advanced ones, all of which he calls acidosis (too much acidity), as well as reversed diabetes and other illnesses through pure fruit diets. Then, I think he supplements herbs as the body reveals how it wants to heal with the fruit.

Others say animal products are the best. There is the popular keto diet now, where you reduce all forms of sugar and binge on meat until the body starts burning through its carb supply and rebuilding itself. Some dieticians even point out how plants, especially vegetables, are extremely hard on the system and should not be consumed. Although, Dr. Morse might say that if you remove the skins and seeds of fruits it will be easier for the body to process.

The balance factor here is that some say that the body must maintain a more alkaline system, at the risk of becoming overly alkaline. For there is a greater incidence of overly acidic people in our culture, who are dying of various forms of inflammation and acidosis (which manifests as cancer).

Blood Diet
The Blood Diet is said to be a critical way to examine different diets based on blood type. Depending on whether you have A, B, AB, O or other varieties like minus and plus, one can find patterns. For example, people with O-type blood are said to have a greater need for meats. I have learned from blood diet and found it to be very helpful. Although different blood types are sometimes said to be "merely" a difference in copper content, and the need for meat is often attributed to finding a proper balance of iron in the system, I don't think our health can be reduced to metals. I think we should examine deeper reasons as to why copper content differs and how each body type could relate to different strains of the species that united to create what we know today as humans. Perhaps they come from patterns as far back as Denisovans and meat-eating Giants and other ancestors.

Similarly, I don't think the diets we are looking at can be reduced to the alkaline vs. acidic (or fruit vs. meat) debates. There must be a deeper reason for these effects.

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease,” sayeth Hippocrates, as well as, “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” Well, seeing as he is considered integral to American Medical Association medicine of today, with the Hippocratic Oath so reputed, perhaps we should look to the spine. Chiropracters are considered, ironically, among the most dubious of health practicioners. Cracking and recracking the spine, and recently giving a relative of mine reason to blame a treatment for their thankfully mild but serious stroke (due to malpractice on the base of their skull), the chiropracter might not be the kind of spine medicine Hippocrates was hinting at.

Stretching and Chakras
Perhaps it is more akin to the "spine" medicine of the yogi, guru or Chi Gung master, who practices encouragements to the subtle energy flow of the body. By stretching, holding positions, and careful breath work, one learns how to open and close "chakras" or energy points. Through telling the physical body how to "let go" with breath, motions and positions, one need not do it on a spiritual level. The overt physical language communicates to the body (and hence to the spirit?) how to adapt to microtraumas that have caused us to "close up" a crucial energy flow.

Germ Theory and its nemesis Germs
According to "Germ Theory", the world is full of dangerous pathogens that are coldly trying to kill us like predators, or use us up like parasites. The focus of medicine in this case is to rid us of "the bad ones" and promote "the good ones". This can be shown to be true with bacteria.

Terrain Theory and its nemesis Pollution
According to "Terrain Theory", the world is a patchwork interconnected network of health and unwellness. By entering areas that are polluted and sick we become polluted and sick. By taking care of our environment, we take care of ourselves.

Hulda Regehr Clark, the author of The Cure for All Diseases states in her introduction, “No matter how long and confusing is the list of symptoms a person has, from chronic fatigue to infertility to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites. I never find lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, hormone levels or anything else to be a primary causative factor.”

She has broken down the issue into a brusque Problem : Cure table
Parasites : Electronic and herbal treatment
Pollution : Avoidance

When she mentions that she's cured parasites with electronic zappers that send specific frequencies into the body, I am reminded of Chi Gung energy work in both Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In these incredible Oriental systems, the things we would today call a "virus" are disorders that vibrate into a body with a "weak field". So it is vibration and frequency again that seem to play into the idea of what a parasite is — or at least what powers it.

It's interesting that Clark supports "Terrain Theory" in its identification of pollutants (i.e. toxins) as one of the single most important considerations regarding human health.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Continuing with the pattern of oxygen (breath work, mitochondrial function, etc.) being critical for physical (if not also metaphysical) health, there is the healing power of hydrogen peroxide. I will have to dig into the TD Mischke podcast show (episode 53 to be precise) that did a little dive into the subject, but it was said to reverse and cure everything from arthritis, migraines and cancer to multiple sclerosis. However, doctors that studied this effect had their careers threatened. Another was even sentenced to jail time, although their only crime was curing people without the use of expensive radiation or pharmaceutical drugs. It's a fascinating case that deserves its own post.

Unified Medicine

So if we are to create a kind of heirarchy of health, what would it look like? Can we find a uniting pattern in it all? What if it's a bit like this table below?

First is mystery, or the Creator, or what the briefly dead have reported as an indescribable but benevolent being.

Second is love, which emanates from this mysterious core energy.

Third is the light beings that are made of this love energy, with a complex energy anatomy that is still being explored. One map has been drawn in Classical Chinese Medicine and another in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the core energy dividing into Yin and Yang, and then a variety of things happening as a result. Could this be a realm that houses the places we agree to come to Earth School? If so, is it where we access the memories of all our past lives? If some element of us can access the spirit realm, but it's sort of "pinched off" while we're on Earth so as not to disrupt our experience here, then perhaps this could be considered what some call our "higher self".

Fourth is the network of life that supports the physical world we know, including Earth and its inhabitants. This might be considered the world we agree to create together with our higher selves — the self that remains outside the "human suit" in the cosmic "other side". Or perhaps, if we don't co-create it on the level above, with Goddesses and/or DMT Machine Elves and whomever else is really maintaining this world, this threshold — the point at which we incarnate — is the point at which we do co-create, but only in the minor way that each individual Earth being contributes to the story of physical life. This would explain why alien entities have expressed some astonishment at a collective ability to maintain such a stubborn set of physical laws, whereby most of their world relies on more nebulous and fluid rules of thought. They may be seeing that humans maintain it, or else they see the benevolent beings that prepare the world for us. This could also be the realm at which point the subtle things derived from Yin and Yang become elements (Air, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal) and a variety of complex energy patterns that sustain our body through them. However, there is a lot of writing in Chinese Medicine systems about the things that are higher than local elements. As the most amateur student of this, I won't even attempt to describe more than what I'm generalizing here.

Fifth is a narrower focus on the human race, our bodies, our incarnation, and humanity's various most related species like horses we ride, cannabis that controls our endocannabinoid system, plants we've raised to eat (including perhaps plants that instructed us how to make them), mushrooms that digest our bodies and return them into the cycle, and so on. Each of these species interactions, especially the ones we consume, would be (according to this heirarchy) some kind of energy exchange that determines our health. Since this is well below the pure love energy, it seems we are looking at these exchanges involving interactions between higher consciousness, complex elements that make up Earth, as well as all the life forms that make up our larger bodies. We're talking all the symbiotes, all the cells, all the little components of the cells, and so on to the very substances that make up matter. We're also talking about the families that scale up the other way: our immediate relatives, our dear friends, our larger kin, bands, tribes, Nations, countries and intergenerational connections.

A brief note on intergenerational connections. We must consider that our "enemies" in this life are also our teachers and students. It could be we are so intertwined with our spiritual companions that incarnate with us that we cannot really pinpoint a single layer to it, like the physical Earth layer alone. We may be connected on the "Yin-Yang" duality level where we decide to incarnate, connected on a cosmic level that manifests the world we incarnate on, as well as connected on the physical plane. That might be a reason why, when we interact with each other on the physical plane, the interconnected aspects of the species start to show up. A father cries and his daughter spontaneously feels inexplicable emotional relief. A son is in danger and the aunt instantly knows it, despite being outside of physical contact range. Three unrelated people around the world invent the same invention at roughly the same time. A few years later, hundreds of people inspired by those three build on the invention and sustain a new subculture based purely on this information coming to the world together. (The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm is an entertaining way to explore some related ideas about how humans resemble crystals). However, it's obviously not limited to humans. We often sense things happening in life to environments, pets and so on. So, having failed to "place" where intergenerational trauma fits, maybe we can optimistically assume that healing it can take place on any of these levels and the healing cascades to the other levels. As such, Earth may be an ideal place to work through deep understandings and hence healings of disagreements, differences or perspectives that happen on a soul level, because it then becomes a useful memory in the building of physical life and the cosmic area where our higher selves reside.

Is there a sixth level that's subservient in this pattern? I'm not sure. Maybe we will devise a need for one but let's test the various physical health problem ideas to see if they would fit here.

Energy Blockages (cured by Chakra work, Yoga, Chi Gung, etc.)
If "energy blockage" occurs in the physical realm due to mixed up elements, imbalances if you will, of the cosmic energies, maybe we could also characterize the higher level versions of this. George Duisman's "tapping" may be clearing blockages on an emotional level above the physical. Perhaps it can even tap into the higher self, and like the Quantum Tuning healers essentially remind the individual of their true higher unflawed self, but pertaining to that specific area of concern.

Herbs are also said to help with certain blockages. Indeed, many herbs specifically stimulate certain flows such as urine, lymph, blood, water and so on.

When I stretch at home, I am often able to clear phlegm, move lymph, perhaps move subtle and semi-metaphysical lymphatic systems if my study materials are correct, and generally feel energetically "wonderful" during and afterwards.

By learning to breathe "correctly" (deeply, with the diaphragm, and so on) breath can itself be turned into medicine. It seems we can imagine a point in the body we wish to heal and "breathe into it" as we inhale, as well as "breathe out" the blockage.

Frequency Disruption
Disruptions to the frequency can come in the form of imbalance or bad spirits, perhaps. But in the physical world, Arthur Firstenberg's theories behind his opus The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life outline why the flu happens due to frequency disruption. This really fits with the Chinese Medicine notion of "invasive" frequency coming into a "weak field" generated by a body with disrupted health.

The "weak field" would explain how people who see energy auras around the body would be able to read colors and sometimes what they mean. For example, a certain color or pattern in the aura could actually be a subtly visible form (to gifted people) that shows whether their field is attracting a negative energy or will attract a negative energy. Hence, whether someone is psychic or not, if they can see auras they could simply predict the person will be unwell based on the pattern, in the same way we can see that someone wildly juggling knives is in danger of cutting themselves.

This would also explain why a wide variety of frequency reinforcement therapies are effective. There is separating yourself from harmful frequencies coming off of electronic devices and towers. There is the reconnecting to Earth's magnetic field through bare foot contact with the Earth. There is reconnecting to Earth's frequency through rhythmic drumming, said to be particularly effective at the confluence of Her leylines. There is reconnecting to Earth's frequency through group meditation, humming, singing and other group activities that reinforce frequency and the like.

There is also the other approach, which is to reference higher, and use the "energy block" cures that bring in the good energy to Earth.

This could also explain why ingesting certain plants said to have high energetic awareness like psilocybin could help. The mushroom is deeply connected to Earth and helps us tune to Earth but it also is highly connected to higher consciousness and therefore it will help us interact with the world creators, the DMT Elves, as well as the spirit realm. It's like talking to an extremely wise teacher using a language connected to a huge aspect of the body — physical, spiritual and higher self.

Herbs are also said to help with frequency, which makes sense since they are life forms with probably very interesting ranges of connection from cosmic to Earthly. Perhaps an expert in herbal astrology or someone reading plant auras would be able to pick up on what frequency a plant can effect on the human body. This might explain how ancestors of the nganga can inform them of the correct herb to choose, as well as what in particular to do to it to "tune" the herb or root to the desired energetic "message" to the body. From the other side, they can observe the spiritual facts of the matter and instruct accordingly.

This could also explain the benefits reported from whole foods. "High energy" and "high frequency" things like fresh healthy organic fruit connects us to good balanced energy. Perhaps connecting to healthy animal products can give a similar effect. This may also explain why fruit proponents and meat proponents both stress the importance of avoiding seeds, grains and seed oil. It is said that chopping up seeds is a bad energetic transformation to the seed — with even some acidity or toxicity levels rising exponentially purely based on the number of cuts. I would like to explore why we have found Black Seed Oil (black cumin) or other spices to be so powerful in their medicine, however, so I think the mystery of why seed oils are villainized today hasn't been explored on the forum. Perhaps it's an industrial process that ruins the nutritional value.

What if the "blockage" form of unwellness can also be described as a confusion of the local consciousness caused by frequency disruption? Or, perhaps frequency "disruption" may be described as the body accidentally taking on a frequency that doesn't belong to it, and therefore causing what some healing practices call a "blockage"? In that case, could we eventually merge these perspectives and have an even more unified way of looking at all forms of disease?

Parasites and Disrupted Terrain
Could parasites be nothing more than imbalances? Could they be things we unintentionally invite in through negative thought patterns? That would explain why traumatized people attract more trauma. They are "stuck" in a pattern. They have some flaw in their field.

The parasite, as well as cases of bad bacteria taking over the body like MRSA, could be merely the physical manifestation of the spiritual issue with either the person's field or the environment. The environment, being alive, may actually feel insulted by something. It may attract a bad spirit in a tree that haunts an area or specifically targets humans for something one human did to the area in the past. It may be that a bunch of pollutants were dumped in the area and these toxic things actually hurt people because of the core imbalance, the core insult, that is caused by it.

Indigenous people who draw power from the land emphasize and stress the importance of respect. It seems to me this is because over time their science has shown there is a direct and potent connection between respect/love/appreciation and health.

Prayer may work not just because it's an ask for some higher power for "power over" something bad happening as if the bad thing were a punishment by a cruel and vindictive teacher, but because it's a plea to be forgiven, to prove good intention, to ask the universe or Creator for a test — to read personal intention and see the good therein.

Back to the energy of food mentioned above, I wonder if an approach to the seeds and grains that is more successful at respect would make a difference in its toxicity.

On the purely physical level, to a scientist, a parasite may not seem evil at all, which is a healthy outlook. After all, it is often just a life form or an aspect of a life form like a virus. (See the speculation in the Corona Virus thread that a virus is merely a set of cell instructions or cell ejectamenta which we are misidentifying as the root cause of illness rather than something that shows up for illness)

Malnourishment and Chemical Aids
This kind of detriment could be described as a lack of any of the many, many systems that keep our cells healthy — or else the need for a helpful boost from a scientific breakthrough. It could be low oxygen, low sunlight (or Vitamin D), low water, low calories or low amount of any number of a huge variety of things. There are endless books that tout the secret cures to everything — from foods mentioned above, to Chlorine Dioxide (which I recently read a book about — a very interesting supplement as correctly administered it purports to cure all cases of Malaria in a maximum of two days), to the whole pharmaceutical pill industry and the injection cocktails they call therapies or vaccines.

If the body is capable of spontaneous healing, as we've explored, can it also simply produce the missing element in case of a miraculous cosmic need? This may explain how some reported miracles have occurred, although I suppose in the case of pure miracles, it's equally likely the very need for a missing nutrient is cosmically suspended to just allow the body to continue. Do any of these cases fit within the "Parasite" and "Energy Disruption" theories? Well, I am not sure. Perhaps, at a stretch (depending on if it feels like a good yoga kind of stretch or a lactic acidic strain), you could say that all forms of malnourishment or "wrong behavior" of the organs of the body are caused by imbalances that stem from an energy disruption of some kind. This is rather vague, and would have to be explored more in depth to fit into our little unified theory.

One thing that purports to escape the trouble of eating wrong is the existence of the breatharian movement, where eating is dispensed with entirely. However, what conditions allow for a yogi to spit up something that is re-swallowed over and over? What conditions for that matter allow some chronically ill people to find their miracle cure in a metaphysical way, while others languish under all the New Age ideas and fervent prayer? Could we be facing an energy disruption that has occurred a little bit higher than the physical world, and therefore trumping all attempts at Earthly and spiritual medicinal treatment? Could it be that some people bury kind of emotional grudges in a consciousness above the body but lower than the higher self? That would put the illness in our hypothetical "Fourth" realm at the state of Earth manifestation but below cosmic pre-physical existence. In that case, it seems a special treatment that can access that realm would be useful such as a psychedelic mushroom or a powerful spiritual practice. Perhaps this will even tell the person more about a cosmic reason for their condition, let alone how to resolve it.

Unifying "Parasite" and "Energy Disruption"
At least we may be able to unify these forms of disease. If we can characterize the disrespect of terrain as some kind of energy disruption (blockage or wrong frequency) of the health of the larger self and disruptions that effect our body (and/or the intergenerational sequence of grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter, etc. taken as a kind of single time traveling organism) as health of a narrower definition of self ... could we even come to understand all forms of disease as a single phenomenon? Might it be characterized as the world creators manifesting the illusion of a lack of love, for a mysterious purpose?

I'm not sure we're quite there, but I've had a lot of fun exploring this and I hope it has been helpful in your quest to maintain health in your body and your community.

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Re: The Root of All Human Wellness

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Here are other pyhsical therapies and how they may relate to the five tiers outlined so far. Once again we have positive thinking, placebo, prayer, magic and other intangible explanations — which we can safely float as coexisting factors without diminishing the importance of exploring physical or metaphysical explanations:

Apple Cider Vinegar
ACV is said to cure many things. I've specifically been told how drinking it daily is said to cure previously incurable infections and/or stubborn fungus. There are many things we could explore about this. If it hurts parasites, then we could say it helps that half of the "parasites and pollution" issue. Apples are also a fruit, which is said to ferment in the healthy stomach, essentially creating a form of ACV, though obviously without the mother culture. This could relate to the fruit diet perhaps — although I think the alkaline proponents may say that ACV should only be used as a resort to restore healthy digestion.

Also, another anti-parasite agent and chloride ion channel blocker. This fits the profile of something that increases health if "parasites and pollution" are indeed the only main causative factors of illness. Perhaps this is why it has helped reduce death in people with symptoms identified as "COVID" — reducing parasitic function, just barely edging the body into a state of natural recovery.

However, the same voltage gated ion channels it affects in the parasite it also affects in our human suits as Dr. Courtney Hunt points out. And when these channels disrupt the ability for worms to eat in a low dose, and they starve those worms, it also subtly effects us. For those with serious metabolic issues already, it might not be the best.

Dry Brushing
Taking a dry clean non-toxic paintbrush of any kind and softly, gently brushing your skin to move lymph in the body towards the kidneys (outer torso, under either side of the rib cage) it is said one can help the body remove pollutants (toxins). To aid the processing power of the kidneys and the skin, it is said to work powerfully in conjunction with fresh organic sweet fruit or even "juicing".

Japanese green Matcha tea specifically has been studied recently as a potential curative aid to the body. With high caffeine, it is said to reduce cancer and improve health in a variety of ways. Black Tea is also said to dillate the blood vessels allowing more nutrients to flow through the system, and I guess in a way that is specific to it. White tea is also said to have its own subtle properties besides caffeine difference. Said by alkaline proponents to have tanins that strip the kidneys of valuable lymph filtering power, tea leaves seem like a powerful but potentially misused medicine. Caffeine's qualities are one of the reasons "caffeine headaches" exist, and perhaps why people with migraines sometimes have a hard time shifting their caffeine intake.

As a highly acidic substance with sugar, caffeinated beverage and concentrated juices, it's hard to see how this commercial beverage could help. Yet, perhaps the plant transmutes these things (since kombucha mother is "fed" sugars and tea in a way) and as a result it gives the ability to the human body. Perhaps that is its gift to us. I have found that it has helped me with stomach issues at times. But other times, it seems to be just too much of an acidic bomb. I haven't learned how to use this medicine because I haven't looked at it carefully enough. But I thought it was worth mentioning because of its relationship to tea and because it seems to be a unique food.

Salt, Sodium and Iodide
Some people claim rather than avoiding salt we should be eating lots and lots of it. I haven't looked into this beyond awareness of those who benefit. Sea water is said to be incredibly beneficial — not just because it's salt but because it contains a great amount of minerals balanced for the support of Earth life. It is said to have great curative properties when ingested, even and maybe especially diluted in clean fresh water. Breathing in the sea air is said to be incredibly good for the entire constitution.
Iodide is a salt or ester of mineral iodine. Iodide salts are mild reducing agents and many react with oxygen to give iodine. NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) Iodide is a halide anion and a monoatomic iodine. It has a role as a human metabolite.
- ... metabolite.

It's fascinating that iodide is linked to oxygen processing in the body. How many cures are linked to adequately feeding cells good air? How did governments become involved in ensuring iodide gets ingested? And, on the other hand, salt isn't just sweepingly supported officially. The down side of too much salt in the "biological robots" we are told we are is all over mainstream media: low sodium is great for the heart. Artificial sodiums as preservatives are incredibly toxic, acid-promoting and hard on the body — difficult to purge and causing long term health issues. Sodium is one of the main components of our nervous system.

The good and bad sodiums, and the doses, seem like a complex chemistry problem I am not trained to solve. However, since those who love their salt therapy (whether it's soaking in a salty mineral bath or heavily salting favorite foods) seem to benefit tremendously (and after all, I do love the ocean side) I think it's well worth mentioning this powerful healer.

Let me just mention one little metaphysical thought here: since the Earth is covered in a vibrant living ocean made of salt water, could having, showing and enjoying great respect for this be linked to spiritually curative properties that affect the body?

Chlorine Dioxide
Said to help the body's minute areas achieve oxygenation, or rather feeding the cells, the paper mill byproduct chlorine dioxide in specific amounts is said to gradually clear and finally cure Malaria in 24-48 hours, and other "viral" infections as well. Unfortunately, doctors have been threatened if they talk about these studies because someone mysteriously threatens to revoke funding. If Malaria can ultimately be attributed to a parasite, this would fit in the "parasites and pollution" theory of causation. I'd like to look into this more, especially since Methylene Blue is also said to cure Malaria. The common factor, while they seem to come from different frames of reference regarding oxidants or antioxidants, is that with these medicines, cells apparently become dramatically more nourished. In short, the fully "supported" cells create an environment in which the disease cannot live.

You might conclude this is just our placebo clause but I am trying to suggest something more holistic: the correct physical support of the body, provided well, may give a metaphysical or even transcendent well being that trickles down to our spirit and the body it's inhabiting.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide
DMSO was first synthesized in 1866 by Russian scientist Alexander Saytzeff in Kazan, on the Volga River in Central Russia. He saw that the substance was colorless, had a garlic-like odor, felt oily to the touch, looked like mineral oil when poured from the test tube, and left an aftertaste similar to clams or oysters.
—page 12, DMSO: Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker

Continuing our entries on "incredible powers of ignored simple things that are also byproducts of the paper mill industry" series, there's DMSO: Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker and a supportive text by Forbidden Health: Incurable was Yesterday by Andreas Ludwig Kalcker (who also writes most extensively on Chlorine Dioxide). Doctor Walker outlines the history and toxicity of DMSO as well as the numerous pains it's cured, indicating that it travels fast in the bloodstream — you can taste it on your tongue shortly after application to your upper body. While I support the healing power of pain relief (in particular for the inexplicable and incurable pains that doctors are stumped by) I also want to know why something stops hurting. I would rather not cover up an issue the body should know about. Then again, does this enter into some kind of "respect" we are somewhat miraculously giving our higher self or metaphysical body by making the physical easier to live in? It opens up a debate I'd rather not enter into about the value of cocaine, heroin, alcohol and "feel good" drugs that can ravage the body and shield us arguably too much from physical existence.

In any case, Dr. Walker illustrates in his book how DMSO has been effective not just itself but also in transporting medicines deeper to treat difficult conditions such as sinus infections, cervix issues that would otherwise lead to hysterectomy recommendations, gum and tooth diseases, cancers, autoimmune conditions like painful hardening of the skin, severe bladder problems, arthritis in humans and multiple species, many varities of herpes, sprains, bruises, damaged skin, and minor burns. There is apparently the side effect of a filmy quality happening to eye sight, but not in humans or monkeys, only other test animals.

Much like other government protests of effective treatments the author cites the FDA chief who reviewed DMSO for its incredible power to help with the skin hardening issue:
“Because the statutory standard for approval of a drug is substantial evidence of effectiveness as shown by well-controlled trials, not simply the possibility of effectiveness ... we are unable to approve DMSO for this indication at this time.”
Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, co-discoverer of the therapeutic properties of the drug: “We’ve barely scratched the surface, for this is a new principle in medicine. We’ve had only three new principles in our century—the antibiotic principle, the cortisone principle, and now the DMSO principle—and the DMSO principle is the only new one of our generation. Despite all the controversy, my guess is that history will record it this way!”
—page 8, 28

The main problem with general approval in drugs, Dr. Walker argues, is that scientists are not quite sure how DMSO has the powers it has. Since it has no right to be effective under their reductive models of human existence, the FDA appears afraid to approve the papers submitted, despite positive evidence. Perhaps with my 5-level metaphysical model we might explore if it has something to do with the repeat causes of metabolism, oxygen, free radicals, vibration, subtle/metaphysical lymphatic systems, or even (like herbs) emotional consciousness. If you are a chemist and/or you want to explore its properties, check out Crown Zellerbach’s Dimethyl Sulfoxide Technical Bulletin. If you are interested in trying it yourself, you may want to read Healing with DMSO by Amandha Vollmer, which recommends some practical methods.

Mr. Kalcker also provides cases where the ingestion of this fuel has kept certain individuals very healthy. I'm looking for more universal health ideas and I'm not sure I'm willing to research this one by actually ingesting fuel myself. There are several more natural methods I would try before this particular curative.

This ant poison is said in small doses to cure arthritis. How and why is not fully explored by Mr. Kalcker but I'm intrigued. Since it's a hydrated borate of sodium, perhaps this belongs to the study of sodium practices mentioned above.

Stem Cells
If our body's cells start off healthy for the most part, then doing vivisection on living tissue and providing that basic health taken from one body and given to unhealthy cells of another body could heal. Proponents may not recognize how overkill this therapy may be, but then again those who have a difficult time changing their lifestyle or underprivileged may think this is some kind of pinnacle of modern medicine for the wealthy. The unfortunate aspect of this therapy is that it does involve taking from someone else, where — if what I've reviewed is reliable — most people should be able to treat the body they occupy.

SSRIs and Anti-Psychotics (and a brief note about mental illness stemming from physical illness)
Said to specifically target seratonin receptors, due to an unproven hypothesis that "chemical imbalance" of or in "the brain", SSRIs cause a lot of harm. These "depression drugs" can come in the form of Paxil, Welbutrin, Prozac and so on. I was sentenced to perpetual dosage at the age of 12 but after seven years I flushed them down the toilet. I was lucky that my mother was an early proponent of not having me on them in the first place because the drugs themselves, as well as the rapid withdrawl effects, are said to induce everything from psychotic and suicidal thoughts to weight gain and other incredibly unhealthy states. She said when she took them to test the effects she felt like a zombie and wouldn't wish them on anyone.

Methylene Blue has promise as a curative for depression for the reason that it nourishes all cells. It is said in recent naturopath discussions I've had that inadequate nutrition of the body's cells is a primary causative factor in a wide variety of mental issues including anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, "nerves", bipolar, borderline and other issues. It makes sense that a sort of unplaceable malaise might indeed drive the brain to act out. Without a clear "pain" but a general unease coming from the malnourishment (and/or "genetic" issues slowly being brought on by it like arthritis, dementia, acidosis, etc.) the mind may resort to a recourse of anxiety. Untreated, or compounded with trauma, the anxiety could ramp up into a bad mental disorder — or indeed contribute to a legitimate hypochondria that doctors unaware of metabolic health cannot solve.

This is not at all to diminish the importance of protecting people from mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Those abuses, or living with narcissistic guardians alone, is said to cause many problems. I've recently heard a discussion with a mental health worker who has found no case of true spontaneous schizophrenia — that is, there isn't a medical definition except to prescribe various drugs (such as lithium), and each of them is only said to reduce and carry forward symptoms (i.e.; evidence) that someone has this vague disease or related ones like paranoia. Schizophrenia is described as people seeing and hearing things that aren't there and have harmful and psychotic messages. I wonder if this could not be attributed to the body's attempt to make sense of trauma.

Interestingly, the younger "less adequate" sibling of high-stakes upbringings (where there is a kind of first or Golden Child one is constantly being compared with and failing to measure up to, in the opinion of the guardians) is one of the most common descriptions of those later said to have various psychoses.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
This is a mental health therapy that is said to do wonders in processing trauma. Since the brain is so critical in the processing of our environment, it would make sense both that unhealthy mental conditions in upbringing can bring on severe mental disorders and that teaching the brain that "you are safe now" would be an immense relief and treatment.

Past Life Regression and/or Hypnosis
Those who have experienced trauma have also been healed from hypnosis. In these sessions, sometimes patients are said to not just re-live and re-process traumatic experiences from their life but also their past lives, and in such a way that the traumatic information is metabolized and safely removed. This seems to be yet another way (besides aforementioned mushrooms, prayer, tapping, herbs and other therapies dealing with removing emotional/energy "blockages" perhaps) to communicate with that "higher self" and really reinforce its truth of self-embodied love in the human suit.

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Re: The Root of All Human Wellness

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Continuing the ongoing list of interesting physical treatments ...

Marijuana and CBD
This is said to be one of the most potent medicines available to humans. Said to have "co-evolved" with us (I might suggest that we were spiritually instructed how to breed it) marijuana and its THC content have helped people treat a huge variety of maladies, from depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and various other traumas to body aches, migraines, arthritis, insomnia, cancer, alcoholism and addiction.

The endocannabinoid system of the human body — you may notice a bit of cannabis in the name — has been linked by some researchers to a huge variety of basic functions that regulate the body. That is to say, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that cannabis and related products indeed physically alter the things average benefactors say it does.

CBD is how my partner has treated her depression after successfully weaning herself off SSRI drugs and she says it's been like a miracle. Many friends of mine use CBD to treat chronic health conditions. Again, I am in favor of cure rather than smother, but this seems amazingly worthwhile as a replacement for more dangerous and toxic therapies offered by the medical industry.

Colloidal Silver
I once met and interviewed a man who swore by two things: cannabis and colloidal silver. This particular kind of product, which must be created well so as not to be toxic, got a bad rap for turning people's skin a silver blue color. However, this story was not a good example of the good version of the product but a poor example of the poor version of the product. Its true benefits are said to be, like hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, kerosene, electronic "zapping" and a number of others we've touched on, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic.

I have taken it to help my teeth but I suggest others do their own research and even listen to this episode of the "I Like People" podcast. ... -ever-met/

Having said that, I think others have warned it comes with its own side effects to be wary of. naturalnursemomma on Instagram warned 4 days ago:
It's all about a delicate balance and my thoughts are that daily ingestion of colloidal silver is harmful. Many use it for ear, eye, and skin issues and I don't see how acute usage topically would have the same effect as daily ingestion. BUT again, using daily will disrupt the delicate balance of our body. You NEEEEEEEEEDD copper for many things.

Iron regulation. Without iron regulation you can have a feeding frenzy for parasites and that just isn't good. But also it increases iron stored in the body (not the blood) but the tissues and organs which causes further dysfunction.

Copper for nervous system regulation. metal. "It participates in critical cuproenzymes preventing neurodegeneration and regulating neurotransmission".

Copper and energy production. Copper is important for ATP production in the body. "Copper plays an essential role in this process by forming a catalytic core of cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal enzyme complex of the electron transport chain that produces ATP in the mitochondria (oxidative phosphorylation."

It's involved in more than just one thing and important to maintain a balance. Many functional providers think people are copper toxic but that's because they are retinol (Vitamin A) deficient which you need for bioavailable copper.

Either way, ingesting silver is not something I would participate in, especially daily.
Zapping and Tuning
Rather than the pseudo-science of past treatments where somewhat random electric shocks and static were said to cure ailments by magic, zapping is a more precise therapy that tunes the body's frequencies using specifically made electronic gadgets. This may be considered this era's version of chanting, humming, singing, singing bowl playing or the use of tuning forks. As discussed in the first post, the reason all of these seem to work is based on frequency. Nikola Tesla is said to have had some medical opinion on the matter as well. However, this is not to conflate or confuse these very different physical approaches to tuning frequency. A book on zapping would be Hulda Regehr Clark's The Cure for All Diseases mentioned in the "parasite and pollution" area.

If you don't want to hum or strictly treat yourself, or you want a more mathematical approach, you can find various videos online about particular audio frequencies (in Hz) to play to alleviate various issues. Presumably one would play these in a calm environment and just relax and breathe. Wouldn't that be great if we found the conditions where that worked reliably?

Orgone and Orgonite
Orgone energy is said to be erotic magical energy, discovered by Wilhelm Reich. The United States government confiscated and supposedly destroyed his research, depicting it in its reasoning as an abomination. He claims to have cured cancer, which wasn't true, but he was said to have helped some people with aches and pains — apparently having to do with the application of this magical "orgasm" energy. He created "orgone accumulator" boxes, which may have been the least successful application of his ideas.

After he passed, enthusiasts created orgonite, metal shavings suspended in an organic solution (like resin) which is said to help remove chemtrails, and clear bad frequencies. It specifically is said to, once more, tune the body's EM field to that of the Earth, much like the grounding therapy mentioned earlier. It can also seemingly improve moods by handling it and/or having it near, and dolphins are said to enjoy the gift very well. Traditionally if someone asks for the orgonite, it is good to give it, in order to continually imbue it with a sort of generous positive energy. However, plenty of people seem content to ignore that and sell quite elaborate versions involving energy-amplifying crystals and copper, at psychic fairs.

Hydrogen Peroxide treatment as presented by guests of TD Mischke's Roadshow Podcast (Episode 53)
A link to the podcast episode from May 18th, 2015

The critical information is that drinking perhaps about 5 mg (10 drops) of hydrogen peroxide added to a glass of clean water (or other unspecified amounts) has reversed a variety of diseases, and other amounts have helped others. It seems this part is where we're supposed to look into it ourselves.

Atomic Oxygen is the critical substance, which doctors would not acknowledge (or get taught in medical school). It is interesting to note that this fits with many ideas mentioned above: uptake of oxygen is critical for physical health. It's also mentioned how it can do pretty well at ridding us of harmful microbes. I suppose this is where pharmaceutical companies ought to step in and mock it as a bleach in order to discourage us from the research that's curiously suppressed.

The critical names here are:
  • "Walter", age 90, of Delano in Wright County, Minnesota, the main guest who cured his arthritis with $6 of store-bought hydrogen peroxide. In 1982 he ran into the ship's retired army chaplain Father Wilhelm who said he dedicated his life to promoting the work of Edward Carl Rosenow (repsonsible for 400+ medical papers).
  • Dr. Pope with a PhD in biochemistry (Detroit, Michigan) developed a Vioxolite medicine and treated people with success, but he was taken to court and jailed in Florida for successfully treating and curing people of cancer with "unapproved" medicines. He got out on bail and kept a low profile as a freighter physician in New Orleans.
  • Walter's brother, age 94, removed his own prostate cancer with just hydrogen peroxide and still, as of recording, cancer free for almost two decades.
  • Their sister, age 95, also takes it and is in good health.
The style of the 52-minute show is not just informative but pretty entertaining, and I recommend a listen. Weirdly, while cancer cells themselves can produce a lot of hydrogen peroxide, several people who ingest hydrogen peroxide have cured their cancer somehow. There is a lot of mystery at work.

Walking and Exercise
A wide variety of health experts, medicine people and researchers indicate that movement, every day, even a 30 minute walk, is critical to maintaining the body. "Move it or lose it" seems to be the message. The idea is that we want our heart and muscles working, our body temp to go up, and then relaxing. Presumably, we must take care to stretch before and after, hydrate, and eat well each day; from a metaphysical standpoint maybe the cosmic message is that if we want to avoid having chronic issues, the sheer influx of energy that exercise brings draws our true presence in.

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