What is the role of royalty?

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What is the role of royalty?

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On the surface, royalty appears to be nothing more than "rich people who some people trust with riches" and the ceremony around such a role therein.

However, our WF podcast discussions with Darryl reveal another perspective: the royal families are often a way for nations of Europe (or elsewhere?) to enter into peace with one another. By marrying one another's families into particular power circles, the tensions that arise between different nations and different people can be calmed and averted.

Some even say that the royal families are connected with Gods, or they may be sanctioned by deities to fulfill this peace-making role on Earth. It is said that the Kennedy family in the USA has some blood relation to a biblical Adam and Eve, Jesus and so on.

I personally don't believe the Bible has much historical merit in its mythologizing and contextualizing of its hero characters like Moses and Jesus. I think that the records of Jesus could be an early form of media fakery, by its literary blending of truth (spiritual factual historical record of human history, actual events, miracles and simple politics) and fiction (religious record of untruths to gather followers). I think this might have been done in order to help the male-based mystery schools topple the more egalitarian cultures and societies run by women, and feminine shaman.

However, I greatly respect many people who do think Moses and Jesus are divine characters of history. And I am open to being shown that I am wrong. Outside of its broad sweep of military (and royal) movements, perhaps the Bible can also be taken as an indicator of how the changing face and role of "royalty" has played in the European and Middle-Eastern theaters.

How do these compare to Oriental, Aboriginal, Islander and Indigenous events? Does royalty have an important significance today?

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