Upcoming food scarcity psy-op

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Upcoming food scarcity psy-op

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Dear golly. Last year you were so welcoming to let me post a dutch column I wrote, here on your forum. Earlier today I wrote a short post on Cluesforum and I thought you might find it valuable to have this posted here as well. I hope you don't mind that I take the liberty to copy paste that post here:

As posted on Cluesforum.>>>

Post by cooler1021 » June 24th, 2022, 12:33 pm

Dear folks. It is impossible to predict the future, but nevertheless I've tried to anticipate for what the next global psyop could be. We have all seen the fearmongering scenarios spread by the likes of the WEF in various published videos: A massive cyber-attack that disrupts the entire world, pandemic 2, climate change disasters and what not. But I noticed (and logically so if you listen to the extent of these "predicted" crises) that they almost always mention a disruption of the supply chain in these multiple crisis scenarios. Now I assume that people reading this forum are ofcourse known with Event-201, the simulated coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, and that the nutwork basically always runs simulations before they let them go 'live'. That's why I thought I should share this 'Global Food Security Game' I found today, run by the CNA back in 2015 (started on november 9th of all dates :rolleyes:). This could very well be what is upcoming for us sooner or later. Mind you, I dont want to spread any fear but I think we should take a look at this.


Notice how the woman at 6:23 says: "The new normal is volatility". Interesting jargon...

Here is a link to the article of this simulation: https://www.cna.org/reports/2015/food-c ... urity-game

Full report: https://www.cna.org/reports/2015/IQR-2015-U-012427.pdf

I also found this video about it: https://archive.org/details/food-chain- ... ews-report

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