Phoenix Lights of March 13, 1997

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Phoenix Lights of March 13, 1997

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According to the poster of this video: (1997 March 13 Vee Object Phoenix Lights posted by Tom King at Feb 28, 2018) we have a story about the only existing "Vee-shape" UFO seen in the area.
Danny Miller
Pretty obviously airplanes in a fluctuating formation. No guarantee that you’d hear them, and some people actually did!
Tom King
Nope, no way at all all these were airplanes in formation, they made no sound. They flew over some parts of Phoenix around 2,000 ft. Whatever it was also violated the airspace of Skyharbor, never showed up on radar and didn't have clearance to fly in that area. I wonder where that story even came from? I have a record of all the military planes that landed in Tucson on March 13 signed off by the pilots themself. Those people were just training, from Tuscon flew up to the bombing range and returned.
I talked with the filmer Terry on the phone. He said there was no sound from this formation of lights. Terry was a pilot so he thought that would pretty strange. Some people say this is a formation of A-10s. What formation makes no sound at all? Terry stayed out and recorded the 10 PM lights too. He remarked those were flares immediately because he was recording those flare drops like Dr. Lynn was for several months. But Lynn hides all of her flare tapes. She actually said she was in touch of the intelligence source of the lights. They came here on 3-13-97 to visit her and the only reason the rest of us got to see parts of it is because their her friends.

She went way down the rabbit hole after she got to be BFF with a bunch of channelers and those 'Sedona people'.
Official reports, according to a documentary about the Phoenix Lights, indicate this shape of craft was seen flying all around the skies of New Mexico as well as Arizona on several occasions prior to the famous mass sighting of March 13, 1997.

Afterwards, the military tried to cover up the event by releasing flares in an intriguing configuration, and telling the then mayor of Phoenix to fold on his own witness testimony. They held a press conference bringing out a person in an alien outfit and claimed to have "caught the culprit" as a way to make light of and distract from the truly odd experience of hundreds or thousands of people looking up in the sky and seeing the vee-shaped UFO.

I think, based on research I've done into the present day story, that there may have been two cover ups. First, military jets flying in vee formation to simulate the still and silent UFO. Secondly, the flares that didn't even resemble the vee shape at all but just drew attention.

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