Magé UFO Incident of May 2020, an investigation (by Denis)

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Magé UFO Incident of May 2020, an investigation (by Denis)

Post by golly »

This research has been taken from HTML- and Reddit markup formatted archives in order to attempt another back up copy (although it's to be expected YouTube videos and Twitter accounts will be deleted over time). I apologize for any changes in formatting that I made in the "translation" to phpBB markup.

http://wasistdaspodcast.idoknowbetter.c ... -by-denis/

Reddit backup source: ... ame=iossmf

Denis' original content follows:


This happened near the city of Mage, near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The object reportedly went down near a military ammunitions and explosives factory, called IMBEL

More and more testimony points to a second site, at location B.
Screen-Shot-2020-05-24-at-11.40.30-1024x647.png (1.19 MiB) Viewed 68 times
IMBEL celebrated its 212th anniversary on May 12th 2020 (Source: Homenagem da IMBEL ao 212o aniversário de criação da Fábrica da Estrela (FE)). To be honest, this would be a good time to showcase some new weapon or tech, or maybe just some fireworks or whatever, which could maybe explain some of the things people were seeing and hearing. On the other hand, the few people I’ve talked to have told me there were no celebrations, helicopters, explosions or gunshots in other years.
At night people in the area are awakened by airplane/helicopter noise. They see and films moving lights in the sky. One witness describes a reddish object being circled by first 2, and later 4 helicopters. Some of the videos do indeed show 3 to 5 lights in the sky:

I spoke to the person behind this Twitter account. She is not from Mage and these are not her videos, she simply assembled them on her Twitter.
The object supposedly goes down in the mountains behind the factory. This video reportedly shows the object going down from the other side of the mountain. Theres another independent video recording of this but I cant find it anymore. I spoke to him and he said there are no powerlines anywhere eon those mountains he filmed. He goes out to those mountains with friends sometimes, he has a YouTube channel of videos on that. This guy is later interviewed by a television station (see below).

The next day, smoke is seen in the area and explosions/gunshots are heard. The second video is from a group of friends in a drone club trying to get close to the area. Once they hear these explosions, they turned back. I have talked to a member of that drone club and have received the original, longer video. I have another video of explosion sounds that I could not find online.
The skeptic in me tells me that explosions and gunshots at an ammunition and explosives factory are to be expected.

I asked several people and they all said it is not a regular occurence. One told me “The citizens are scared with these bomb sounds. They informed me that IS abnormal”

Damaged trees and a hole in the canopy is found, in the mountains right behind the IMBEL factory:
9P3yhGo_S.jpg (481.09 KiB) Viewed 65 times

Src: 4

Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ufológicas Rio Preto – Ufologia RP – O localda queda onde algo pesado caiu e destruiu várias árvores. | Facebook 3

This guy flew a drone over this spot a week later:
Military helicopters and planes have been spotted over the area a lot since then. I assumed this would be normal with a military ammunitions factory nearby, but one resident answered me this when I asked her if this is a normal thing:

“It’s very rare that helicopters fly over this area. First time I see”.

This may explain why so many residents in Mage shared videos of these military helicopters. It is NOT common out there and it would suggest that it’s NOT business as usual. That doesn’t prove a UFO crash landed, but it does seem to suggest that something out of the ordinary is going on. 1 1 1

UFOLOGIA public group | Facebook

There are a couple videos on YouTube of locals doing their own investigations. The first one is especially worth watching with automatically translated subtitles on. In it, a witness described the UFO, the helicopters and it going down in the mountains. The 2nd part of this video is a group of researchers going to the factory and getting a spokeswoman to answer some questions. Third part is them asking a local if the constant explosions/gunshots are normal.


More investigations on the scene: YouTube

Guy paragliding over the area to try and have a look: YouTube

Same guy talking to others about this: YouTube

Locals talking near entrance of IMBEL: YouTube

More locals talking at IMBEL: Dany Braga – O que a IMBEL está escondendo?

One thing a few people have mentioned to me is how much they love memes and stirring up confusion in Brazil. If you go on Twitter and search for posts using hashtags #MageUFO #MageOVNI this becomes clear. You have to sift through a lot of sh*t just to get to some real reports.

These are some of the fakes that have been making the rounds and are more widespread than others:

Supposed crash site: 1260783356905754624 1.

Looks like an obvious fake, like a bowl half buried in some dirt: 3

(73.54 KiB) Not downloaded yet
[ED. NOTE: Attempts to post this screen grab from the original video have been problematic. I have also attached the associated YouTube video. -golly]
YouTube video of "crashed ship" witness video:

Supposed Military audio conversation: status/1260679053822042118 1 Many Brazilian people have already said these people do not talk like military, the language used is very informal like 2 friends talking slang with each other. Every person I spoke to and I asked about this, tell me this sounds fake.

Google Image glitch in the shape of a UFO near the supposed crash site: Been there for years, the house pictured has reflective material on the roof. Source: YouTube
Ww8cC0J.png (1.09 MiB) Viewed 68 times
Supposed Alien being:
A photoshoot in German woods, about 2/3rds of the way down on this link: Wirre Fotografie: Elene Usdin 2

There’s a video of a meteorite going around, which is from a meteorite or rocket over Guam island on 27th December 2019. This is the video as it was shown during the Mage event: 1262609354039201799?s=20

Here is the original video:

There’s also a video of nighttime skydivers, not from this event at all:

Video of drones, is from Mexico a couple of weeks earlier:


Some of the latest news I’ve been hearing.

One of the employees at the IMBEL factory has died in an accident on the explosions testing grounds in the past few days:
Official statement here: Nota de Falecimento 2

Sister of the victim calls out for an investigation on Facebook, says “we need to investigate this explosion at IMBEL, to see if it was really an accident”: Facebook

Other unconfirmed reports and anecdotal evidence I’ve been told about, but can’t verify from other sources at this time:

Supposedly it was 3 UFOs and two military choppers that first night, and one of the 3 UFOs got downed

Supposedly the downed UFO is from another ‘group’ as the two other UFOs (how would anyone know that?)

American military aircraft have been spotted at Cabo Frio Airport near Rio de Janeiro 1261721522047266819?s=20

Helicopters are still over the area to this day, doesn’t seem to be over yet

There are stories about 2 (or 3?) different sites

One in the mountains behind the IMBEL factory, lets call that location A
One on the other side of the town, in the mountains behind a SODAfactory, in Pau Grande, location B
One “at the river”. It’s unclear if this is a new site or just one of the other 2 above. There are a lot of unmapped streams in the area, around IMBEL and the other area as well. These do not show up on Google Maps, multiple locals have told me.

One guy told me his car battery completely drained once he got close to the supposed crash site to check it out

One woman said that in the middle of the night she heard a buzzing sound and her “hair was being pulled like a magnet”. Im thinking she meant static electricity

Deep Prasad tweets that he can confirm that the mayor of Male made one of the videos and that the mayors office got flooded with calls because 1000s of people saw the lights: 1263130714721189888?s=20


A.J. Gevaerd says this is a clear hoax: YouTube Richard Dolan sort of follows his lead: YouTube

Yes, amid real videos posted, there were obviously fake ones too. The military audio is clearly fake. So is the supposed UFO video that Richard used as a thumbnail for this video. There are fake pictures of alien beings, a meteor video that’s from weeks earlier, a video of nighttime skydivers that’s from months earlier in another country etc etc. In other words, a lot of sh*t and a lot of distractions. However, to simply dismiss this whole event based on the fakes above, is in my opinion very shortsighted. I have talked to a fair number of people around the area where this went down, and they all agree that something has happened. Sure there is a lot of unconfirmed reports, especially from the more fantastical aspects of this story. But even if you leave all of that out, you are still left with dozens of people having seen strange lights, sounds and objects crashing.

In my opinion there are 4 things that anyone can just look up and make it very hard to dismiss this event as being “nothing”
Multiple lights/objects in the sky : Many videos are shared on Twitter around the same time of multiple lights in the sky. Dozens of Twitter users shared these. Many of these are still online. These videos are out there and it’s too many all published around the same time to just dismiss them all as fake or from another event. Military helicopters in the area : The next days there is a lot of military helicopters in the area. Also many people have filmed this. I have personally spoken to a couple of people from the area and they have sent me more videos of these helicopters, coming in, hovering over the jungle, and going away. Everyone I have talked to says this is very unusual. One witness told me she had never seen these helicopters in the area before. These videos are out there, you cannot deny the military presence.

Explosions/gunshots in the area : There are explosions and gunshots heard in multiple videos in the area the next day. Again, everyone Ive spoken has told me that this is not a regular occurrence. You can debate whether or not these explosions have anything to do with a downed UFO, but they DID happen and have been caught on camera by multiple, different sources. Witness testimony : There is ALOT of testimony from a lot of different witnesses. Too much to dismiss in my opinion.Now, you can make the case that all 4 of these don’t actually prove that a UFO crashed. That’s true. What it does prove to me is that it’s not nothing. Something out of the ordinary has happened and it’s not just mass hysteria based on a fake audio file, of that I’m sure.Maybe it’s because I have talked to a couple locals that I’m convinced of that. But I think even just watching some of the videos of witnesses talking about what they’ve seen, would be enough to convince anyone that they’ve seen something. Here’s just some of the videos about witnesses and witness testimony

TV Interview with the guy that made the video with the bright blue light: YouTube
Audio testimony of multiple witnesses: YouTube

Video witness testimony: YouTube

IMBEL press conference: YouTube

More people talking about it: YouTube

More testimony: YouTube

More witnesses: YouTube

More:…8245951862401/ 1


Witness testimony in various videos. Translations might not be 100% perfect: YouTube Video

a witness described the UFO, the helicopters and it going down in the mountains. This is one of the first actual witness testimony that is widespread online.

The 2nd part of this video is a group of researchers going to the factory and getting a spokeswoman to answer some questions. She says nothing out of the ordinary has happened. They remark she looks nervous and shows body language consistent with lying

Third part is them asking a local if the constant explosions/gunshots are normal: YouTube Video

Guy with drone at entrance IMBEL. Wanted to start flying his drone, but was stopped by 2 guards who told him he can’t do that.

Woman at 3 am night, heard buzzing sound over house that made house tremble. She even covered her ears. Then after that she heard military helicopters. She lives on the Main Street and after the helicopters she heard trucks going by. Then after 4:30 it awes quiet.

Guy saw light in the forest, and went there to investigate, He says the army was already there and they stopped him from going. He thinks it was a UFO. He saw a ball of light the night before, very bright, about 20m in diameter

Witness saw a very bright light, 10 to 15 seconds, in the sky

Woman saw 3 triangles in the sky at the same time, some distance from each other: YouTube Video

Woman says bright light in the sky at 6:30 in the morning. She went to IMBEL to ask what it was, but they don’t give any information. Also asks about loud noises, but she gets no information.

Guy says we saw all those lights and the next morning we heard loud explosions. They ask him where it went down, and he says “in the river” and points to the IMBEL factory.

Witness states he saw first 2 choppers, then they left and later he saw 2 choppers again

Witness states he saw a bright light in the sky, then after that 2 choppers, after that 2 choppers again. He says after the crash I had no power.
Woman states he heard another witness say the TV went out.

Then there’s talk of the press conference with the woman at IMBEL and that she didn’t say anything


1: Anonymous phonecall to an open lines section of WiD? with Daniel Grothe about this event, Sunday 17th May 2020. Skip to 2hrs 32 minutes in: rIgX8rlw7yQ?t=9148

● Friend of his wife lives in a Mage and told him
● Noone has video op these beings
● Something hit the ground at night
● In the morning, the army came and people heard explosions the army usedto try and open the ship
● 3 Beings came out, 1 was shot in place and 2 escaped in the forest.
● This is why the Brazilian and US army was searching the forest
● People in black armour and big weapons are seen

2: Facebook post of someone who heard this story told by a friend, Monday 18th of May 2020: 1343377006052698/

● Poster says he can’t reveal the name of the person who told him this, because she is afraid to lose her job.
● She is scared and she cant sleep because she cant get the alien out of her head
● The Americans came and captures the aliens. There were 4, one already dead, one the Americans executed and 2 were captured alive
● They are big like basketball players and look like humans
● She was ordered to leave the place and look down, but still she saw one ofthe beings legs when it was being transported
● They destroyed part of the craft, so that it was no longer visible above thewater
● She overheard the Americans talking and they said that ufos are being seenmore frequently and that they are “all over the place”

3: Leaked audio recording of a military guy in a bar telling someone what he has seen, Monday 18th May 2020

I’ve been told this member of the military (or IMBEL employee?) is a regular in this bar and was talking among people he talks to more often. Someone recorded him without his knowledge and released the audio. One researcher claimed he knew who the man is, has spoken to him, and does not want to say any more but verified what he said is true. He broadly says:

● The downed craft has a drop shape, not a saucer shape, and seems to be able to change shape
● At least one being has survived
● There have been human injuries in interactions with that being, amongstothers a local farmer who is in shock and is in a coma in a military hospital
● Other people who are hospitalised have said they’ve only seen a very brightlight
● The explosion sounds being heard were supposedly humans shooting at the craft when it started to emit a strong blue light
I have talked to a person who claimed his friends went to two farmers houses in the immediate vicinity of the crash site, and they were both not at home, which they found unusual.

4: Statement from member of Armed Forces sent as a YouTube comment on this video:

“I am a member of the Armed Forces. I will bring updated information so that the entire Brazilian population can learn about the inexplicable events that occurred in the region and that all residents can have access to the truth of the facts that happened in the Municipality of Magé in Rio de Janeiro.

Initially I will draw a timeline so that everyone can understand what was going on. On April 20, 2020, military satellites in the United States detected a strong presence of unexplained aerial phenomena activities in some states in Brazil. They are: Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Amapá and Rio de Janeiro. On April 21, 2020, the United States Department of Defense – Pentagon – following protocols international standards determined by NATO, informed the Ministry of Defense of Brazil and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA) so that military air patrols in the Rio de Janeiro region would be intensified, since there would be an increase in activities of this phenomenon in this region.

It was immediately determined by (EMCFA) that military air patrolling be intensified in Rio de Janeiro with the support of the FAB Air Base in Santa Cruz- RJ and the Naval Air Base of São Pedro da Aldeia RJ.

On May 1, 2020, the CINDACTA 1 radars detected strong activity from unknown aerial phenomena in Rio de Janeiro in the cities of Araruama, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Sumidouro, and in the Metropolitan Region, so the military informed COMDABRA.

On May 12, 2020, the DTCEA-PCO of Pico do Couto in Petrópolis-RJ, detected the increase of inexplicable activities in a very intense way in the region. At about 8 pm on this day, the American Military reported to Brasilia the fall of an object (UFO) in a forest region in the municipality of Magé-RJ.
The United States Department of Defense has ordered General John Raymond to deploy 20 Special Forces soldiers, 10 of whom are from the American Space Force and 10 from the Space Aggressor 26th Squadron, commanded by Captain Barnes.

In the early hours of May 13, 2020, the American Military disembarked at a Military Air Base in the State of São Paulo and traveled in FAB planes to a Military Base in Rio de Janeiro. The Operation was baptized with the code name “Organ Range” Serra do organs.

It is important to note that the Brazilian Military personnel provided only logistical support. The Americans informed that the visits of these objects to Earth have been more and more frequent in the world and that when arriving at the place of the fall it was verified that there were three “Intruders” in the damaged ship.

Then, at around 7 pm, the military armed with advanced technological devices unknown to the Brazilian military, intercepted and slaughtered a humanoid character of approximately two meters in height in the region of Chácara dos Entrerios in the municipality of Guapimirim-RJ, near the river superb coordinates -22.485839, -43.018396.

The other two beings were captured alive and wounded in the Guapiaçu Region in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu-RJ, coordinates -22.440373, -42.769413, and transported along with all the displacement material of the “Intruders” to the American Military Base. May 2020.

All American Military personnel have already left Brazil. Only military helicopters in the country patrol the region. After this incident, there were no new expressive reports of sighting of unexplained phenomena in the region. Strong Arm, Helping Hand !! Serve and protect !! E.B.”

5: Interview with guards at IMBEL factory, published 22 May, recorded 16 May

In this video, some people go to IMBEL and ask questions to two of the guards there. The description says it was recorded at 6 May. I have contacted the person who posted the video and he said it’s a mistake that he can’t change anymore. I personally don’t give this video too much credibility. It looks like there’s just a bunch of kids asking him questions and that he likes to give to mess with them and give them answers that they want to hear.

● The guard says he has seen a being at IMBEL. He describes it as being small, with brownish skin, “like my own skin”. This is different from the other descriptions. He said there was only 1 being at IMBEL.
● He said the being can down people with a sort of flashbang thing. When that happened to him he fell on the ground and got instantly nauseous and threw up
● When asked if he took pictures he said no I couldn’t, I fell on the ground and was sick
● When asked of it was still there he said: no, he says the fire brigade came and “the whole world” came here to pick him up
● When asked where the UFO was being taken: not Area 51, but the Oswaldo Cruz institute: ioc
● What type of UFO is it? Out of space (?)
● When asked about “the site at the river” he said “no it fell here”
● Explosions are heard in the video “are you fighting” – No (?)
● The one thing that fell here is that one being, the others fell “on the otherside” pointing to the other side (location B? This implies that there are atleast two sites, explain why witnesses kept talking about different sites.
● Don’t go there, because all you will see is ‘Poof’, a bright light and you will fall down

I have talked to someone whose friend’s mother works at that institute. When she asked her mother if there was any debris taken to this institute, her mother did not want to talk about it. She tried a 2nd time, still nothing. This guy told me her friend got the impression her mother was afraid and was holding back information.


Now, this is a lot, obviously. This needs to be further investigated. One guy I spoke to thinks he has identified the farmer they talk about in the leaked audio. They went to that farm and the farmer was not home or anywhere on his property. He found that very unusual. Another group went to IMBEL to try and talk to any employees. When they asked one employee leaving the factory about this, the answer was “I can’t talk about”. Not “there’s nothing going on” or “what are you talking about”, but “I can’t talk about it”.

All the sources talk of the crashed saucer, the subsequent blowing open of the saucer, 3 beings escaping from the saucer, 1 being shot and killed and 2 beings captured alive. There is a lot more detail in these reports, but this is the gist of it. Even though there is no other evidence for this, the corroboration of these 4 accounts is at the very least interesting enough to try and investigate further. Also, in all these statements they talk about bright, bluish lights emanating from the craft, which is seen in one of the videos made on the night.

The 5th video is a bit of an outlier (and I have my doubts about the sincerity of the guard answering the questions), but the first 4 are very similar. What makes it fascinating is that they are all different enough from each other so that they couldn’t have simply been copied and regurgitated. Every one of those sources has some unique info in it that’s not in any of the other ones.

If this is all hoaxed and faked, it has been done very very well. There are a few apparent discrepancies between this new info and what the original witnesses reported.
Screen-Shot-2020-05-24-at-11.40.56-1024x541.png (980.16 KiB) Viewed 66 times
Src: ... 24x541.png
Src: http://wasistdaspodcast.idoknowbetter.c ... 24x541.png

● For one, according to this statement there was already a downed object at 8pm. The videos and witness statements are all from around 1am, so at least 5 hours later.
● Another thing is that some of early reports said the disc crashed in a river. However, at IMBEL, there is no river visible on any map. Locals I’ve spoken to say there is a stream on the IMBEL factory property, although it is not deep enough to have a craft partly submerged in it. These new 4 sources talk again of a craft being partly submerged in a river. The coordinates 30 km away from the original crash site, DO point to an exact spot in a river.
● But, the explosions are clearly (also?) heard near IMBEL. According to the caller, the one being that was executed happened right where the craft was and where they blew the craft open with explosives. According to the anonymous statement, the being was executed around 30 km further away. So either the craft was also 30 km away and the explosions at IMBEL are something else, or the craft was at IMBEL and the execution of the being near the craft is a different event from the killed alien 30 kms to the northeast of IMBEL.

So we have explosions near IMBEL that supposedly are attempts to blow the craft open, but the location for the being that was killed is 30km northeast of IMBEL. We have one crash near 1am and another report saying the object was already down 5 hour before that. How do we reconcile those differences?

One theory put forth by researchers I’ve talked to, is that the whole scene at IMBEL, with the lights in the sky, the explosions, gunshots, smoke, etc etc, was just a deliberate distraction orchestrated by the military, to deviate the attention away from the ACTUAL crash site, 30 km to the northwest. That is a location where there *is* a river that should be deep enough for a craft to be partly submerged in, where the first alien was actually executed according to the given coordinates, and nearer to the location where the 2 aliens that escaped were later caught alive.

Another option might be that there are multiple events happening at the same time. Not only would that explain the time difference, it would also explain the distance between the crash site at IMBEL and the locations where the beings were supposedly shot and caught. Also, there are witnesses that describe the blueish bright light coming from the woods, NOT at IMBEL, but at the other side in Pau Grande, location B. The person who filmed that bright light from the other side of the mountain, confirmed this to me personally that he thought it was location B.

One more thing I find interesting about this. I’ve heard reports of people claiming that there wasn’t one UFO, but that there were multiple UFO’s in the sky and they were fighting with each other. The reports literally claimed that there were 2 factions fighting. Now. I dismissed these reports because I thought “how in the hell would anyone know that?” But now, with this last #5 source, that confirms 2 crash sites, and also talks about different kind of being at IMBEL (small, brown) than reported from the other site near the river (tall, human like), I’m not sure.

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Re: Magé UFO Incident of May 2020, an investigation (by Denis)

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Denis' original posts conclude in the following way:

UPDATE 23 MAY 2020

YouTube Video
● Description: Audio from a local resident who helps us in the investigation and verification of the Magé case. The audio was modified at the request of the person who prefers anonymity.
● A few hours ago a couple of factory employees talked to us, but we’ve not confirmed that they are actually factory employees, but he will try to confirm that later
● They said that there were Americans at the factory and that they found a tall body, not of normal length
● Americans took the body, and took it away in a big car (truck?)
● He asked them about the explosions and gunshots, but they didn’t answer his question
● The helicopters in the area were searching for someone
● When it crashed behind the mountains, there was 10 to 15 seconds of very bright light on the ground.
There is so much corroboration in this with what other witnesses reported. Especially this last bit corroborates the bright light that was also filmed from the other side of the mountain.
YouTube Video
● There is a witness that claims to have filmed the UFO crashing. Unfortunately he’s not ready to disclose the video, because he is negotiating with multiple TV channels to sell his video. He has told his story though and his story is being told in this video. The video states that illustrations are merely for illustration purposes.
● Maurice, 28 years old, lives in the area Fragoso in Mage, claims to have recorded the exact moment of the crash of the UFO.
● Heard through whatsapp that there were lights in the sky. He then went up on his roof. He filmed the object from his roof. He saw a flash of light and then a loud explosion. It was far away, because it took a few seconds before he heard the explosion after the flash
● The object fell with a trail of white smoke into the forest. When it landed there was another loud bang
● From the area where it crashed, there was a very bright blue light. This blue light went on and off for 3 times, and after that it went out completely.
● He says the object has not crashed at IMBEL, but in the forest, “not far from the industry”. This sounds like a corroboration of what multiple people said is location B, behind the soda pop industrial factory area
● After the object crashed, he still kept looking at the sky, and he saw other lights flying in the sky around the crash site.
● He couldn’t sleep after that
● Next morning he went towards the crash site, walked around, but didn’t find anything. The object fell deep in the forest and because it was nighttime when he filmed it, he wasn’t sure of the exact location.
● While he was in the area, he heard helicopters flying around, and that kept hearing during the day.
● When asked what exactly did he film, he says: He saw and heard the explosion in the sky, but was too late to film that. After that he started filming. So he has filmed the object falling with white smoke trail in the forest, and the blue bright light.
● He sent emails to two TV channels to ask if they were interested in his footage. He says he is talking with 2 tv stations now about releasing the video
● The name Maurice is a fake name. He says he wants to wait till the video is released on tv and then he wants to talk openly Again with the blue bright light. This is very detailed testimony, that we need more of.
Every time I’m ready to move on from the case, some new witness testimony is coming out that corroborates just so much from what I’ve heard from other testimonies. This bright blue light is talked about by many, many people, and has even been filmed twice. These two sources talk about it again, but especially the 2nd one has some much added detail that was not available before
What I find fascinating is that there are so many similarities between all of the these stories that there are really only 2 options:
1. Something really happened and these people all witnessed the same thing
2. All these people are involved in some sort of hoax where all of the witnesses are carefully coordinating all of their testimony with almost military precision.
I really believe number 1 is becoming the more likely explanation

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Re: Magé UFO Incident of May 2020, an investigation (by Denis)

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According to Jimmy Church's interview with Jonny Enoch on Coast to Coast AM on May 30, 2020 some of the chronicle of events should be remembered in this way:

April 20: Military picks up strong presence of UAP

April 21: US DOD determined by NATO to advise minister of defense

May 1: Air Traffic control detected strong activity

May 12: Air Space Control Detachment detects increase of activities

May 13-May 14: Apparently last day of activity, when beings were recovered and transported to US bases.

May 15: This is when videos and social media started getting removed/deleted/censored on the subject.

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