Unclear bomb weapons

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Unclear bomb weapons

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Nuclear weapons: are they real? The answer is unclear, and we might call the bombs "unclear bombs".

An explosion of enormous size can be produced by a huge amount of TNT or other explosives, and the "dirty bomb" aspect can be produced by packing in material that gives off radioactive energy.

If the actual "chain reaction" science doesn't work as claimed, and nuclear bombs are truly just large bombs, it gives new perspective on many, many stories. If the animations we see in nuclear bomb propaganda are as fake as they appear, and no such bomb has even been produced (with or without the assistance of actual explosives, "nuclear" or not) it adds even more meaning. The stories that are affected include:

(1) The ostensible reason for the end of World War II (which is mysterious and tainted by the propaganda of all interested parties). The photos of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings do look incredibly suspicious.

(2) The viability of the theories of Einstein (and there are a lot of questions about them). This would not surprise me at all, and I would not be surprised if Einstein, who was very useful to governments, had been compelled to lie to the public in order to create fear of something he himself did not fear. Perhaps he believed this would lead to peace through the Mutually Assured Destruction principle.

(3) UFO stories in which aliens apparently activate or deactivate nuclear warheads in order to keep Earth peaceful. It could be these stories are true to the extent that witnesses saw missile silos being tampered with by intelligently controlled UFO beam technology, but maybe the ICBMs are not armed with more than a great deal of some explosive. Or, the "nuclear engineers" telling these stories may only believe they know the whole story, but because the science is controlled by the military, it is also compartmentalized to an extent that someone thinking they are an expert could be deceived by the lack of functionality in the critical "chain reaction" area.

(4) The story of Admiral Byrd's visit to the hole in Antarctica, where he met humanoid beings warning about the danger of specifically nuclear weapons. It could be that he did encounter some entities that spoke to him in this way because he believed in nuclear weapons.

(5) Ancient stories of disastrous damage to landscapes, including areas where sand has been melted into planes of glass. My explanation for (5) is that the "ancient civilizations that resemble our own" could have been at war with electromagnetic weapons that produce great heat. Lightning weapons, directed energy, or something else.

... and more!

Could Dave McGowan's theories about "nukes" being a total lie ... be true?

The controlled demolition of the Nuke Lies forum

It seems everyone is dealing with the problems of making good choices when it comes to the somewhat "thankless task" of uncovering hoaxes. There was a forum that once explored this possibility in depth known as "Nuke Lies" but it was closed by its creator Jesse after he became fed up with aspects of running into an "infiltrator" he describes like so:
[...] as time moved on, it became apparent to me that Rae had i[n] mind to dominate and co-opt the forum. In addition to this, he frivo[lo]usly began to use the word "Jew" as a catch-all label for anyone and everyone with whom he had the slightest disagreement. He also made it clear that he considered Americans to be his inferiors in so many ways.
- https://www.big-lies.org/nuke-lies/www. ... -2012.html

This is indeed a typical problem in research circles, which is in my experience always attributable to the prejudices of the researcher, who believes they are neutral and unbiased. It most often happens with "Jew" becoming a catch-all slur (instead of the probably more accurate "Zionist radical conspirator"), but it has also been known to occur with "Jesuit" (maybe the more accurate "Jesuit radical") or "American" (or perhaps "European colonist" or much more specific term) or other groups of people that become the Top Villain in the mind of the researcher. Desperate for attention after being maligned and ignored too long, we resort to the "ganging up" mentality. I was once in that camp when I thought that not just pointing out crimes of royalty but actually attacking and suspecting royalty and seeing "royal influence" everywhere (even if I didn't really see it) was the way to organize people under something we can "all agree" is a problem, and to gain interest in research. Now, my friend Darryl has indicated royalty is complex and diverse within itself, and it struggles with evils plaguing it, which sounds awfully familiar. I am glad I no longer act so traumatized and desperate, which really just goes against any point I am trying to make.

If we cannot learn respect and learn to avoid division and alarmism, then our old unhealed traumas will crop up again and again, and be thoroughly exploitable by those who attack the bonds of peace. It so happens I actually do trust Jesse, even if he himself emotionally reacted by demolishing the forum. If he is accused of "contributing little" by those who slid his forum, I smell the power play of a saboteur indeed. And I am much more liable to mistrust the intentions of someone who is psychologically or emotionally damaged by the loneliness of important research. Pitting another group against the "home team" like sporting events is just not the most important thing to gain that will save humanity, in my observations. And it works a lot against any goal of unity and peace. That is why I do believe infiltrators and opportunists act so confidently when they spread hate; because hate is contagious and effective at forming mobs.

Unfortunately, when researchers resort to the formation of mobs, it doesn't bode well for the actual truth of what they describe. Loneliness may ultimately just be a factor of the state of researching something special, important and/or new. This is something governments or power brokers probably know very well, and they know how to send in sympathetic players. When the cry for peace is too loud, warmongers can "concede" to the group the power of a hateful mob. And all too often, the peace leader embraces it with greedy relish, as vindication for society's treatment of them.

You can dive into the unfortunate state of the divisive racist language they resorted to at Big-Lies.org (filled with what they consider life-saving awareness of the rather anonymous term "Jew") but if you can remain as magnanimous as we hope to be at Wondering Forum, you may get more out of it when it is re-contextualized without the lazy and hurtful assumptions. Maybe I can try to find stuff there that is worth re-posting here, but "white supremacy" and baiting people with hate carries a strong stink so I am not yet sure what, from it, is trustworthy.

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