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Origins of Sweet Potato

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:20 pm
by golly
Apparently some 8300 years ago, the indigenous people (who may be related to today's "Cherokee", sharing basket weaving techniques and who may have a clan named for Sweet Potato) of what is today called Guatemala and/or Honduras areas grafted three tropical plant species and invented the sweet potato. None of them produced tubers, they were all flowers, but each of them had a very high content of lysergic acid amyloid (LSD minus an acute molecule).

Does this mean that the psychedelic plants communicated with these people and invited them to cocreate this food product with them? Did the psychedelic plants offer to use their own bodies as host to a food that would feed people?

Re: Origins of Sweet Potato

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 1:40 am
by Willing
I love the thoughts of co evolving, inter-species coordination, mutualism, all our relatives or whatever this is. Maybe just how things's that? My wondering is, is this what messenger RNA activity is too? I have a bit of a dilemma...hmmmmmm

Re: Origins of Sweet Potato

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 12:22 pm
by golly
"Messenger RNA" could be carrying spiritual messages? That's a cool idea.